Simple Candle Care Tips for Soy Candles

Yen Flame always ensures to practice of safe and effective Candle Care.

On the first burn, allow the entire top to burn evenly before extinguishing the candle. This will avoid tunneling and allow your candle to burn evenly through.
Always be sure to NEVER leave a candle unattended.

YEN FLAME TIPS to Extinguish the flame.

COTTON WICK - Using a metal/heat-safe tool, dip the cotton wick into the liquid soy wax to put out the flame. Be sure to immediately pull up the wick from the liquid using the tool the same tool. Train the wick to be centered again for the wick to be reused properly. Allow candle temperature to cool down. Do not relight the candle until it has cooled down and become solid wax again.

You can also extinguish the cotton wick by using a Candle Snuffing Tool. Safely hover the snuffing bell over the flame. In a few seconds, the flame will start to go out. Attempt to wiggle the snuffing tool ever so gently while over the flame to avoid burning it or creating soot (black debris from the candle). Be aware of wax drippings when lifting the bell after being extinguished.

WOOD WICK - Utilize the snuffing tool method above. The only and best way in our opinion to extinguish a wood-wick candle.

Trimming Wicks

Be sure to only trim wicks when the candle is completely cool and solid. It's important to trim your wicks before every burn to avoid a heavy flame and soot.

Recommended height of the wick would be about 1/4" from the wax.

Never leave around children or pets as it can cause extreme burns or fire if mishandled.


Crystal Candles 

1. You can allow crystal to burn through.
2. You can remove crystal before lighting.
3. You can remove once wax has melted and released the crystal.
4. You can remove and place near the candle while lit.


Either way - once your candle is complete, your crystal continues to work, so be sure to have her somewhere close to keep working in your favor.